PLEASE NOTE – our basic out-of-hours fee INCLUDES a consultation fee.

Lower fees exist for clients of the practices which we cover, please call for further information.

This fee is HEAVILY SUBSIDISED by those practices.

Clients of practices that DO NOT subscribe will have to pay a higher fee (£190.00)

Clients of our subscribing practices pay MUCH LESS than the above fee and will vary depending on the time of day and if a Bank Holiday: please phone us for the relevant fee.


All invoices must be paid on presentation.
If an invoice has to be sent, payment should be made within 7 days by cash or credit/debit card.
Card payment can be taken over the telephone for your convenience.
If payment is delayed beyond 7 days, an administration fee of £10 may be added.
Fees not paid within a further 7 days will be referred to a debt collection agency, which will add further costs to your account. This would normally mean adding a further 30% to the outstanding amount.
Cheques are no longer accepted.