If your pet has been admitted to the hospital you may have been asked to telephone us for an update. Please call 02920 529 446.

Press option 2 for current inpatients. Please note the emergency team could be busy with a critical case; if your call is not urgent and the telephone is not answered within 8 rings, please hang up and call again in 10 minutes time.

Out-patients/discharged patients:
Your pets clinical notes will be emailed to your day time veterinary practice enabling them to see what treatment your pet has received. Please contact them during normal working hours to arrange a follow up appointment. Where medication has been dispensed this will be enough to cover you until they open, so please visit them as soon as possible in case a longer course is required.

Insurance Direct Claim Requests:
If you have been asked to forward insurance documents to the emergency team please email them to history@emergencyvets.wales.

Administration queries:
Please call the office during working hours between 08:30 am to 16:00 pm with any administration or insurance claim queries on 01443 816833, or email office@emergencyvets.wales

My Pet Has Been Admitted – What Next?
The vets, nurses and all other staff working for Valley 24/7 work almost exclusively with emergency cases. We share our Veterinary Hospital with Valley Vets, so even when a patient is unfit for transport your pet is never left alone as we have 24-hour on-site care.

We accredited by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons as anEmergency Service Clinic and Small Animal Hospital.

What happens now?
Our vet will have discussed the treatment plan for your pet and provided you with an estimate of costs. We will now admit your pet into one of our kennels and proceed with this treatment.

We are just like the A&E department of a human hospital. Treatment/procedures/surgeries (if required) will be scheduled in order of the most critical patient first. As such, if your pet is presently stable and comfortable, we will be unable to provide a definitive timescale as to when your pet’s procedures will be performed.

Unless your pet is discharged directly to you, in most cases they will be returned to your practice the next working day via our ambulances.

What if my pet deteriorates?
Our service does not operate during normal hours, so our teams are used to working in high-pressure situations and are experienced in dealing with any emergencies we might face. Should your pet deteriorate then, where possible, we will contact you beforehand to discuss how your pet’s treatment plan might need to change. Please, double check we have the right contact number for you. If the deterioration is rapid we may need to act first, and contact you afterwards. We will always put patient welfare first.

Can I contact you or come in to visit?
Visits are usually not possible as visitors need to be supervised and this is not always achievable but we will be accommodating where we can. You are of course more than welcome to call at any time, in fact, we recommend it. We ask you to call before you go to bed, and when you wake up in the morning for updates.

Cardiff – 02920529446